Facebook Timeline is here – Love it or Hate it? Timeline Tutorials


here are only two ways that people feel about the new Timeline business page profiles on Facebook.
Just remember that Facebook IS a free service and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care if you don’t like it… it’s here to stay so you are going to need to adapt.

Facebook large header image size is 851 x 315

Facebook chose an odd size for the graphic that spans the width of the new business timelines 851 x 315.. why not 850 x 300 ? C’mon Zuckerberg.. make it a little easier on the designers to remember the dimensions.. we have to keep checking that post it not we left somewhere for the size.

If nothing else you are going to have to use an image editing software to crop or create the image you want to use for your header. There are many tutorials available to help you optimize your new pages and I’ve linked some of my favorites below.

Official Facebook Tutorial for Facebook Timeline Pages

Social Media Strategist Jon Loomer posted some great tutorials on his website here:

Let us know what you think and how you adapted your Timeline to meet your business needs.