PING – A Great Automated Social Networking Tool

This was my status update from one of the many automated social networking services that are all over the net right now. PING “I am testing my sms to blog, facebook, myspace & twitter. by! awesome service for posting info across platforms.” You can set up many of your social networking accounts including Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, your blog on WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, myspace, twitter, plaxo, FriendFeed, Flickr, Vox, Brightkite, delicious, yahoo 360, all the instant messengers, HootSuite (A {Read More}

New Gadgets for your Google Blogs

What are those things I keep seeing on blogs??? I have been having so much fun “digg” ing around the internet for all the new social networking sites and following them to great blogs! The FAVORITE thing of all is all the new gadgets I’ve been finding on other people’s blog sites. If you like any of the one’s I have on the right of my page, usually if you just click on them it will take you to their {Read More}