Facebook Fan Pages for Business

How hard is it to create a Facebook page for my business you ask?

It’s pretty darn easy…  Even a Cave Man could do it!

photo credit alex decarvalhoI have been advising my clients to create Facebook pages for their businesses even if they have no interest in being “ON” FACEBOOK to connect with friends, family, customers and prospects.

I just created a couple of Facebook pages for two of my clients. They only take a few minutes, put your link on one of the top ranking pages in the WORLD, provide an easy way to get the word out and can serve as a blog of sorts if you don’t have time for one of those.

The link helps with Search Engine Optimization, the more hits your website receives helps, the more people that know about your business and share your Facebook page with their Facebook friends helps… Search Engine Optimization is not that hard really, just follow the basics and spread the word.  If you have solid content on your website, provide great service, value and a product people can use, all of these strategies work synergistically to help your SEM and SEO.

Check these two Facebook business pages out.

My favorite hair stylist in the world Bethany Kay Hair She is now in the Sahair  Salon on in Parker Colorado.S. Progress Way Suite #100.  You can reach her at(720) 851-8522. She specializes in hair color, highlights, low lights, hair extensions (Like the movie stars have) and her salon has experts in massage, manicures, pedicures and acrylic nails.

And the people I trust with my car Pride Auto Care They are a full service garage with 3 locations in the Denver Metro area, Centennial, Littleton and Parker. You can also follow Pride on Twitter @PrideAutoCare

Check both of these great places out and tell them Your Web Chick sent you!

To create a Facebook Page click here and get started.  If you have trouble or questions just post them here and I’ll give you a hand!

See what COPYBLOGGER has to say about Facebook in his recent post How Facebook is Gunning for Google

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  1. Hi, thanks for your instructions, only problem I have tried 3 times and used up 3 out of 4 email addresses. I’m fine with the first few pages and then it asks for my name and I get stuck as it won’t allow me to put my business name. Can you help me from page 2 as only have one more email address to use and facebook has retained the other 3 even though I have deactivated my account.
    Many thanks,

  2. Your Web Chick says:

    Hey Rachel, It sounds like you are trying to make your regular profile page into a business page.. you are right Facebook won’t let you do that. Just go into one of the accounts you’ve already set up go to the very bottom of that page you will see “APPLICATIONS” then just to the right of that a little F in a blue box. If you run your cursor over that you’ll see it says “ads and pages” click that another box will pop up.. you should see at the top of that box a tab that says “CREATE A PAGE”

    I’m not sure if this link will work but it takes me to mine FACEBOOK PAGES

  3. Thanks for that, If I do that then can I make the page a business name with no link to my personal blog, am trying to keep business and personal separate? Also how do people search for the page if it attached to my blog, or is it not attached?

  4. Your Web Chick says:

    This allows you to have a business page and doesn’t require you to have an open facebook “personal” page. You can “promote” the page on your personal page and have people become a “Fan” of the page. You add your blog through the networked blog application and then link it to your biz page. You can also just manually post a link and it will pop it up with a picture from your blog on that facebook post and you can post those on both your business page and your personal page.

  5. I really like the logos you put on both of those pages. How do you center or chose which part of the logo gets made into the avatar?


  6. Your Web Chick says:

    There is a secondary link you click on to “save” the avatar. It works the same on your regular facebook pages too.

  7. I created my Page in Facebook and then started to edit it. For some reason I ended up on my profile page…So, now how do I find the page I created? I even did a search on Facebook pages and it was not listed.

  8. Your Web Chick says:

    go to the very bottom of your page where it says applications, click on that and look for pages and ad’s. click on that and you’ll see the page you created.