Tim Ferris Twinterview No Rules On Twitter

Embedded Video This is a great interview with Tim Ferris – Author of “The 4 Hour Work Week”. Blogged with the Flock Browser

Enjoy Yer Facebook in Pirate Mode Today

For those who haven’t been gearing up in recent weeks, September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. To celebrate, Facebookers have created an easter egg and translated the whole site into swashbuckler using Facebook’s crowd-sourced Translations app. To localize your Facebook to the high seas, scroll to the bottom and choose Pirate English! read more | digg story

New Gadgets for your Google Blogs

What are those things I keep seeing on blogs??? I have been having so much fun “digg” ing around the internet for all the new social networking sites and following them to great blogs! The FAVORITE thing of all is all the new gadgets I’ve been finding on other people’s blog sites. If you like any of the one’s I have on the right of my page, usually if you just click on them it will take you to their {Read More}

Testing the Blog Editor in Flock

Flock is a new browser that was developed for social networking. I am just getting used to it…but it has a bunch of very cool features for keeping track of all those spots you are supposed to join to create your online presence. It remembers your passwords for all of them, and arranges them neatly in a column to your left. It also has this nifty blog editor built right into the browser window… and I’m literally trying it out {Read More}

Google Launches Lively, Virtual World Across Social Networks

Google has just launched Lively, a new social network built around the concept of each user creating an avatar and a personal virtual room that can be embedded anywhere on the Web. read more | digg story